Transforming your business is easy

Transforming your business is easy

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Have Goals
"A goal is a dream with a deadline."
Rupert Wilkey


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"You must have started your business with a goal? You wanted to be a millionaire before you were thirty years old, you wanted to retire at fifty, you wanted to buy a Ferrari, you want to make enough money to build a school in Africa or you wanted to help the community at home. Whatever it was, it was a goal. Write it down in big letters on a piece of paper and stick it on the fridge. Every time you go to the fridge you will see the piece of paper and it will remind you of why you are doing this. Does an athlete enter the 100m in the Olympics thinking “I don’t care if I reach the finish line or not”? No, the finish line is their destination and their goal is getting there before everyone else in the race, getting that gold medal, being number one in the world. They have trained for this event all their life. It’s important to them.Your business is your Olympics. You are not here just to finish the race, you have a goal. Focus on it, remember it always. The goal may change as your business grows and develops, that’s fine but you must always have a goal. Your goal will stretch you, fuel you, get you up in the morning, and push you to your limit and beyond. When you are having a bad day, and you surely will, a goal will remind you of why you are doing it and will remind you that it's all worthwhile."


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