45 Things to consider before starting your own business

45 Things to consider before starting your own business

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On a Friday in 1997 Rupert Wilkey left his full time employment at a job he hated. Over that following weekend he set up his own business and started trading on the Monday. So what you say? Well by the end of that first Monday he had sales of £1,200 which was his monthly salary at his old job! He then made £30,000 in his first year of trading and £90,000 in his 2nd year. Eventually his turnover was £1.5 million.

This book helps others set up their own business. 

"You are now holding this Small Business Guide, and congratulations, you have taken the most important first step in starting your own business. "Hang on, start my own business? NO, I just picked up this book because this bookshop offers you a free coffee if you read a book!" Ok in that case replace the book on the shelf and chose something else, because this book is not for you. 
What I aim to do here is to go through each step of setting up your own business from the initial idea through to being able to trade. If the 45 steps are followed and understood then there is no reason why your business shouldn’t succeed.
However, starting your own business and making a success of it is not easy; if it was then everyone would do it. Its success relies on a great number of issues; get one of them wrong and it could spell failure for your new business. A survey was carried out between 1996 and 1999 on new restaurants and it was found that 59% failed within their first 3 years of trading.
Someone once said that starting your own business is 1% inspiration (to come up with the business idea) and 99% perspiration (hard work)!
I believe that starting and successfully running your own business requires three qualities:


Before starting your own business, you have usually worked for someone else who has been the boss. They have set the time you have had to start work, time of breaks, set sales targets, even dress codes. But as your own boss there will be no one to set these rules for you; it is all up to your own motivation.
It is easy to slip into late mornings and long lunches, especially if you work from home. A laid-back attitude to your business day will be the death of your business. Things like sitting down to watch breakfast TV then drifting into channel flicking till lunch.
Leaning on the garden fence talking to your neighbour for two hours in the afternoon or popping out to collect some stationery but ending up browsing for widescreen TV’s are easy things to slip into, but fatal to your business.
If you were constantly late for work when you were employed by someone else then the chances are that you will be late every day when you work for yourself.

If you feel you don’t have the self-motivation then stop now. If you believe you do have the motivation then read on."

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