In the Shadow of the Baobab Tree

In the Shadow of the Baobab Tree

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“It is amazing that he is still alive to tell his story;
and this is ONLY the first 25 years!”

This book is about a boy's struggle to find out who he was, where he came from and where he belonged. Along the way there have been adventures including lion hunts, swimming in hippo infested rivers, fishing for crocodiles and even catching some of Africa’s most deadly snakes; but it is his family story that will be the most unbelievable part of this book.

"I am delighted to have found out about how Rupert has survived through tough times, to be a success in this world.
I have read this book, his autobiography,
and laughed and cried with him."
Angus John Welford


440 pages

200 x 250 mm

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