If Google ran farms......l

If Google ran farms......l

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Malawi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. 

      Although Malawi's population (c.15m) is more than twice the size of Scotland's, and its land area is around 50% larger, its economy is only a little over 1% of the size of Scotland's ($1.8bn vs. $139bn in 2003). The town of Falkirk's economy alone is around twice the size of Malawi's.

      Life expectancy at birth has fallen from around 45 years in 1990 to around 37 years today: around half of the life expectancy of the average Scotland.

      Malawi's government can only afford to spend on average $12 (around £6) per person each year on healthcare. (Source: Statement by Health Minister Ntaba, Feb 05).

      Children under the age of five are 27 times more likely to die than those in Scotland.

      Malawi is the country with the fewest doctors per person (Source: Guinness World Records). USAid cite this ratio at: 117,647:1 for 2002: one doctor serving a population equivalent to that of Ayr and Livingston combined.

     In Malawi there is one qualified teacher for every 95 pupils, compared to one for every 14.9 pupils in Scotland (Source: National Statistics On Line 2002/03).

 This book sets out to look at the problems facing Malawi, focusing on its biggest foreign exchange earner - Agriculture.


This book sets out to consider how Google would change working conditions for Malawian works if it ran farms in Malawi.