Authors Bio

Brown, Gary

Born in England, Gary's family moved to Africa in 1974, first to Zambia, and then Malawi. He has been picking up everything that moves ever since. Recording a new snake for Malawi, in 2014, previously only known from Zambia.Also recording 3 new scorpions for Malawi, and 2 Baboon Spiders. He has been adding to the known fauna list ever since. Reptiles of Malawi is his first book. 

Wilkey, Rupert 

Rupert was born in England but at 6 weeks old he moved with his parents to Kenya where spent his early childhood. In 1975 he moved to Malawi where he was to live for the next thirteen years. Here Rupert's passion for snakes grew into an obsession that has lasted over 40 years. He has written some twenty books over the years including a number of European snake guides. Snakes of Malawi is the result of some 5,000 Malawi specimens being collected, recorded and released.