• Lost books to South Africa

    Since the launch of our website we have lost a considerable amount of book orders in the South African postal system. This is extremely disappointi...
  • Snakes in my shoes - growing up in Malawi between 1975 and 1988

    Snakes in my shoes will be on the shelves at the end of the year in paperback form.  We hope to be able to make it available for preorder very s...
  • Venomous Snakes of Malawi - printing error

    We have just been made aware of a printing error in the Venomous Snakes of Malawi book. A new print run has been ordered and we will be replacing ...
  • Business Book 1 has gone back into print

    45 Things to consider before starting your own business is coming back into print. It should be available to purchase in a few weeks.
  • Snakes of Malawi - stock is low!

    Snakes of Malawi has been selling fast and stocks are now down to about 30 copies.  Hurry if you want to avoid the wait of the next print run.   
  • Snakes of Malawi - orders are being shipped!

    We have just received the last remaining boxes from the printers at 8am today and are busy unpacking them right now.  If you were lucky to be on...
  • Sale prices end

    our Pre-order sale prices on Snakes of Malawi and Venomous Snakes of Malawi are due to end on Sunday 14th April.  Dont miss out!
  • Snakes of Malawi - we’re shipping!

    Today we started to ship out the first copies of Snakes of Malawi.  We are thrilled to get these Pre-ordered copies out to the first customers.
  • Gary Brown’s photographic guide to the reptiles of Malawi

    Gary’s new book is now available on Pre-order in our store.
  • Artwork prints coming to Njoka Books

    Artwork prints by the Canadian artist Mike Wilkey will soon be coming to Njoka.
  • Snakes of Bulgaria - arriving soon!

    Snakes of Bulgaria is a quick photographic guide to the 17 species of snake found in Bulgaria. Ideal for travellers to rural Bulgaria.  
  • The Claws of Africa - arriving soon!

    The Claws of Africa - The Early Life of R. J. Prickett is a biography of one of the legendary figures of Kenya. Dick, as he was known to his ...